Need Hearing Protection?

Need Hearing Protection?

Hearing Protection

We at Tami Mehl Audiology encourage you to live life to the fullest while protecting your health.  As such we offer  the following custom made lifestyle products:

Swim Plugs
Whether your child has had grommets and needs to protect the health of his/her middle ear or you simply don't like the sensation of getting water in your ears, we have the ideal solution for you.  We provide custom-made silicone swim plugs in fun colour options or can supply generic off-the-shelf products should that be your preference.  

Sleep Plugs
Does your husband keep you up at night with his snoring? Are you a student struggling to sleep in a dorm room?  We supply custom-made comfortable sleep plugs that can help you achieve that much needed good night's rest.

Noise Protection
Working in a noisy environment, and need to protect your ears?  We have small custom-made ear protection with various strength filters in order to protect and preserve your hearing.  The different models can be  individualized for dentists, pilots, security personnel, gun enthusiasts and more.

Treating Tinnitus

There are several ways to treat tinnitus:

Hearing aids can partially mask tinnitus and can enhance hearing at the same time. Sound therapy with hearing aids exercises the auditory portion of the brain and creates stimulation in areas with hearing loss, part of the tinnitus retraining therapy process.

There are hearing aids available that feature tinnitus and relaxation programmes, incorporating peaceful background sounds for tinnitus sufferers.

The use of hearing aids and sound therapy to treat tinnitus must be accompanied by education, counselling and stress management. Cognitive behavioural therapy assists the patient with changing his/ her thought patterns associated with their tinnitus. CBT has shown to be a vital part of tinnitus retraining therapy.

We at Tami Mehl Audiology find it beneficial to include professionals from other disciplines such as psychologists and physiotherapists in our management plan with Tinnitus patients.

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