The story after the diagnosis

It took many months to gather up the courage, but you took the plunge and visited your audiologist. You purchased your specially prescribed set of hearing aids, but after a couple of weeks you’re ready to throw them into the bin. Stop! Don’t give up yet! Just as you need to learn to use any modern device, so too you need to master your hearing aids and make them work for you.

Hearing aids must be adjusted to suit your needs.

Don’t be afraid of the new technology nor the different programs and volume adjustability that may come with your set of hearing aids. Nothing is easy the first time around; mastery only comes with practice. Your audiologist Tami Mehl Audiology and Team will go through the process with you until you’re able to get the optimal service from your device. That’s what we’re here for – to make it simple.

Have you returned to your audiologist after the first fitting?

The person who wants to throw their hearing aids away, citing that the devices have not helped them, is probably the person who hasn’t returned to the audiologist after their first fitting. They expected their hearing aids to work perfectly first time. Readjustment is part of the process. Make it easier on yourself, book your follow-up appointment on the day you have your hearing aids fitted or call Tami Mehl Audiology and Team as soon as you feel your hearing has deteriorated from the level it was at the initial fitting. We’re here to give you the best quality hearing.

Today my blog is short in length but long in meaning. Take it to heart (and to Optimal Hearing!)


I was seen by Tami Mehl at my ripe old age of 85. It is an absolute pleasure to have dealt with someone who is so respectful and caring of us old folks. With her patience and understanding, she walked me through the hearing tests and sorted out the best hearing aids for my lifestyle. I would certainly recommend Tami to all of my friends. I cannot express my gratitude in how the hearing aids have enhanced my lifestyle.

Clive Black