Hearing Aids

Be proactive with practical protection


Living in this turbulent world is like living in constant surround-sound. Protect your ears, they shout from every corner. There are pages and pages of theory when it comes to protecting your hearing, Infinite information is available at the other end of your mouse. But it will remain a theory unless there’s a way [...]

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Can you really prevent hearing loss?


Many of us, already living with hearing loss, know the difficulties of navigating a “hearing” world. If I could help just one person to retain their hearing health, it would be like saving a world – their world. So, here are some ideas to pass onto your “fully hearing” friends and family that could [...]

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You CAN protect your hearing


We spoke about preventing hearing loss caused by noise, but there are other ways to protect your ears from other sources of damage. Although you may not like it, lifestyle choices can lower your risk of hearing loss. You’ve heard it before, but it applies to hearing too. Regular exercise and healthy eating assist [...]

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Waterproof hearing aids? 


Have you heard the joke about what happens to your hat when it falls into the Red Sea? It gets wet, right? So, what happens to your hearing aids when they fall into the sea? Or any other body of water for that matter? They get soaked (and they’ll probably disappear into the water). [...]

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Summertime is not only for toned tummies and terrific tans


We're finally going on holiday. It's summer and we're anticipating the sounds of waves crashing, birds tweeting, and conversations with friends at parties or on the beach. These are some of the sounds of a summer vacation. If you want to enjoy it all, you need to be able to hear it all. You [...]

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Ditching my difference and asking for the help I needed


Shying away from getting help for your hearing loss? Feeling embarrassed to let people know that you’re having trouble hearing them? Worrying what people will say when they notice a device decorating your ear? Does hearing loss make you feel old? To treat or not to treat Many people suffering with some degree of [...]

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My hearing aids aren’t helping. I’m ready to throw in the towel.


The story after the diagnosis It took many months to gather up the courage, but you took the plunge and visited your audiologist. You purchased your specially prescribed set of hearing aids, but after a couple of weeks you’re ready to throw them into the bin. Stop! Don’t give up yet! Just as you [...]

My hearing aids aren’t helping. I’m ready to throw in the towel.2019-09-25T12:18:55+02:00

I’ll only have hearing loss when I’m old, right?


So, I’m in the years of adulthood and I’m having difficulty hearing parts of conversations and I need to ask people to repeat themselves. Don’t suggest a hearing test! I refuse to go to an audiologist to have myself assessed. I’m not old enough for hearing aids! Listen up! Hearing loss can occur at [...]

I’ll only have hearing loss when I’m old, right?2019-09-25T16:09:32+02:00