Living in this turbulent world is like living in constant surround-sound. Protect your ears, they shout from every corner. There are pages and pages of theory when it comes to protecting your hearing, Infinite information is available at the other end of your mouse. But it will remain a theory unless there’s a way to put it into practice. 

So, let’s get practical

Hearing protection should be close to hand at any time or place in your day. The best defence against an attack on your hearing should be a simple way to seal your ears or plug them up. 

  • Made from foam: Foam earplugs are the easiest to carry around with you. They’re inexpensive and light, and they can travel in your bag or laptop case. They reduce noise by a few decibels and are useful as a defence mechanism against the moderate and most common sounds of daily living. Of course, there’s a caveat: wear them correctly or you’ll cause damage to your ear instead of guarding it. 
  • Made from Wax: Nearly as simple and convenient to carry around as their foam counterparts, wax earplugs have the advantage of providing a better seal for your ears than the foam ones since they mould themselves to the shape of your ear. They’re also lightweight and not expensive, but don’t squash them in your luggage or they might be too “squishy” to use to full effect.
  • Made for the cold: a pair of fluffy earmuffs are not just a defence against the cold, they’re also an effective means to block out undesirable sounds. Earmuffs create a cover for your entire ear and are an effective means to prevent sounds from ever reaching your ear canal. They come at a higher cost and are bulkier to carry with you than simple earplugs, but they’re easier to put on and remove from your ears also, they can be reused and they’re easy to replace when the time comes. Unlike earplugs, you can put them on in one easy move and there is no need to fiddle with them to get the optimal fit. 
  • Made just for you: a custom-made device is essential when you work in a noisy job, or if you need to wear hearing protection for many hours every day. Made correctly, these devices keep your ears secure in a most comfortable way. You won’t need to search for the best fit and removing them won’t leave your ears sore. 
  • Made for the modern age: a set of digital earplugs are another custom-made means for hearing protection. They are designed to sense the volume of the sounds around you. They only block out dangerous sounds. The great advantage to these devices is that you don’t need to remove them to hear a simple conversation.

Select your ear protection by considering the pros and cons of all the available devices. Whatever you choose, make sure you use them consistently and always have them close at hand. If you’re still unsure, get advice by calling Dr Tami  Mehl  Audiology


I was seen by Tami Mehl at my ripe old age of 85. It is an absolute pleasure to have dealt with someone who is so respectful and caring of us old folks. With her patience and understanding, she walked me through the hearing tests and sorted out the best hearing aids for my lifestyle. I would certainly recommend Tami to all of my friends. I cannot express my gratitude in how the hearing aids have enhanced my lifestyle.

Clive Black